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Sun Room AdditionOur Design/Build Process

Integrates the Design and Physical Construction

Taking You from “Dreams to Reality”

The Design/Build concept offers the owner price and schedule control early in the process. As the homeowner, you are assured that your needs and goals are being matched with a targeted budget right from the start. It unifies the responsibility for the project in one source – Design /Build team – reducing the chance of any surprises or miscommunication during construction. From the very beginning, Tomlinson Builders is responsible for the entire construction process – under one contract – with the Design/Build concept. We assume responsibility for all phases, including architectural, planning, site preparation, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as the actual construction.

The Design/Build team creates partnership with not only the owner and the contractor, but also with the subcontractors and major suppliers for a project. Communication is greatly improved from day one, throughout the entire project. The Design/Build concept allows for value engineering – a process for reducing the cost of a project – without major changes that affect the intended function or overall appearance of a project.

The Design/Build concept means that the design of your home and physical construction are totally integrated. Tomlinson Builders will guide you through a series of complex overlapping decisions that will help you the homeowner save time and money in the process - which results in transforming ideas and dreams into a reality!

Phase 1: Initial Consultation

A meeting is scheduled at your home or the project site to determine the scope of the project and other details; along with a ballpark budget range of the proposed project.

Phase 2: Design Contract for Preliminary or Conceptual DesignLiving Room Renovation

We begin with a thorough site analysis, documentation of the existing conditions of your home, and include any zoning regulations, code, and historic preservation requirements for your particular site. We prepare detailed “As-Built” drawings of your existing home as a first step; clarify project requirements, further refine your goals and needs, and propose a well-designed solution. We use a variety of presentation methods including AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design), freehand sketches, and 3-D or perspective renderings to define the project for you. This phase will conclude with the presentation of a preliminary estimate and the various drawings developed in this phase.

Phase 3: Design Development

With the homeowner’s approval of the drawings and cost projection, we will continue with Design Development. This is the process required to complete construction drawings, specifications, finish selections, and specific language for your construction work to receive permits and to move forward with the project.

Remodeling Design/BuildPhase 4: Construction

During production, your assigned team will manage and perform all of the construction work on your project. The project manager becomes your point person for all communications and is responsible for assembling and coordination of all materials and labor to get your project completed as soon as possible with quality results.

Meetings are scheduled with you at certain production milestones… When we reach “Substantial Completion” (the point at which you can use the spaces for their intended purposes), we will schedule another formal walk-through and review the last items to be completed, corrected, or finalized. A “Punch List” of minor defects and incomplete items will be jointly prepared and agreed upon, and when the listed items are completed, our contractual agreement will be considered 100 percent fulfilled...and your “dream is a reality”!!

Tomlinson Builders offers design/build house remodeling services to residents in Montgomery County, Frederick County, Carroll County and Howard County, Maryland, MD.


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